In absolute truth, I would have to admit that I’m not sure who came up with the initial idea of I know that the initial love and absolute enthusiasm was mine…as I am an individual that lends myself easily to those traits, but if I were pressed I might have to say that the idea itself was Geoff’s. I say that not because I recall the initial conception of the idea exactly, nor in hopes to gain favor from the man himself (as he is quite confident, if not borderline arrogant as it is!). I say the idea was his because simply, Geoffrey Bragg is amazing. He has so many great ideas that it would logically follow that this was just one of the many.  Don’t get me wrong, there would be no ShakabukuNow whether in concept, idea, or creation without me, because no living thing can survive without warmth, and love, and nurturing…and there is no question that I bring those qualities to the table. I have a lot of love and passion to create something wonderful and life changing.  I have love for this project, love of humanity, and love of this man. The latter bringing up another very relevant point of discussion when beginning our business…


All you EVER hear is that a business partnership will never work. You hear that relationships are broken, friendships destroyed, and the business fails. Well, I cannot speak to how this particular venture will go. My vision is: clear roles, great communications, an immense respect for each other’s strengths, and a paradigm recognizing perceived weaknesses or differences simply as alternate perspectives that bring a fuller, richer, more comprehensive understanding of the topic. I do plan on working with my boyfriend Geoff, my best friend Aurora, and even my daughter Danielle (just to keep it challenging!) on ShakabukuNow…and call me naïve, but I’m excited about it!!!

On that note, I will put this thought out there to this bizarre and foreign world of blogs and potential new relationships with all you more experienced and wiser than I.  I will ask you to hold me accountable to my beliefs. I believe that no business or any amount of money or measure of success is ever worth compromising the people I love. And if the sad day ever comes when some terrible and unforeseen tragedy occurs and there is a battle over this amazing and selfless project that we envision, I say… give him whatever he wants. I say that because this man I am starting this business with is the most honest and ethical person I have ever known, and if there is ever a falling out it will probably be due to my passionate and emotional nature. I have come to know and very much appreciate that Geoff is, by his very nature, fair and balanced and true.

I am grateful to have such amazing people in my life; even more so that we share a vision of enriching the lives of others. And I am grateful to you…whoever you may be at some future date when the site is up and the blog is public. I am so grateful that you took the time to come, to read, to be present in your own life…and in some small way, touch mine. Thank you…and it will be my very great pleasure to meet you.