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“Life is not what happens to you. Life is how you interpret it, what you take from it, and how you move forward. Choose to live your very best life.“ -T.L.Bragg

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What is a ShakaBucketList? A lot of people ask me what’s the difference between a Bucketlist and a ShakaBucketList and the answer is simple, but elegant.

Things on a ShakaBucketList actually get done!!!

The thing about bucket lists is they usually come about after some traumatic or frightening event that reminds us that life is temporary. Or they are a fleeting thought, wish, or New Year’s Resolution type thing. There are a few problems with those approaches…

  1. It may be too late by then (sorry.)
  2. People tend to lose motivation as soon as the fear or shock or newness fades.

A ShakaBucket List is born from a need to experience our lives to the fullest. It comes from what we seek, what gives us purpose, what fulfills us…it is motivated by what we want our experiences to be, not by our fear. It is written with the spirit hungry for something beyond settling for just being alive; it’s compelled for something richer… deeper…more…It is born of a person who wants to LIVE fully.

A ShakaBucket List is for someone who wants to actually live and breathe and exist every day of their life with love and peace and passion. ShakaBucketLists include the simple things that just make this moment a little bit better…and the big things that make this life deeply meaningful.

A ShakaBucketList is born, grows, and thrives through our passions, not our fears.

So, of course, the next question is Why do ShakaBucketList items actually get done when others don’t?

Again, it’s simple, but elegant…Gratitude.

Everything on a SakabucketList grows from gratitude. When you begin in gratitude for this life, this moment, this breath…You are not starting in deficit. You are not coming from scarcity, or fear, or limits. ShakaBuketLists come from being whole and grateful and recognizing that you and your life are enough as they are. If you can sit and truly be grateful for who and where you are in your life, the things you dream of accomplishing are simply a matter of time and space.

That gratitude energy makes everything else in life possible. Gratitude infuses our lives with the focus and passion to share, and connect, and know, and learn, and do, and experience, and live more fully. Gratitude reminds us to be in awe of it all. Through reflection and gratitude, a ShakaBucketList is alive. It is a part of you that cannot be disregarded or forgotten, only explored and experienced.

“Whatever praise, success, or accomplishment you strive to achieve in this life, know that there is one consistent truth -- If you were not enough before you achieved it, you will not be enough after.“ -T.L.Bragg

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“What’s on your ShakabucketList?”

T.L. Bragg’s ShakaBucketList Overview…

Write a book ✓

Travel the World ✓

Fall in Love ✓

Live by the Water ✓

Surround Myself With a Strong Community of Amazing People ✓

Be Grateful Every Single Day ✓

Buy a Home ✓

Connect with My Family ✓

Love my Life ✓

Write a book ✓

Be in Awe ✓

Remember the person you always wanted to be? You already are.

Upcoming ShakaBucket Projects:
ShakaBukuNow ShakaBucketList Adventures

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