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I hate the term ‘Life Coach

In fact, every amazing and effective coach I have ever met or worked with does also. It’s simply a term that is too broadly utilized, under monitored, and misunderstood in this pop culture, happiness hungry, self-help era that we live in. But, the reality for me is that it’s a pretty effective descriptor for my life purpose.

Professional Positive Psychology Coach


I have been a competitive athlete for a good portion of my life, and I credit some of my athletic coaches for teaching some of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned. Coaches know that it takes more than wishing, more than talent, more than potential, and WAY more than half-ass attempts at trying, to truly be your best.

They know discipline, fundamentals, hard work, strategy, grit, self-reliance, and the importance of team and community…they also know how to face failure, debilitating fear, big unbelievable or seemingly unattainable dreams…and they know how to awaken true heart, creativity, passion, and deep truth…

But I think the most valuable thing a coach knows…is how to teach you to know all those things for yourself.


By definition, ‘Life’ is the capacity for growth and continual change preceding death…I am an Emergency Room Nurse and in all my years working trauma I can tell you from experience that the one thing you can count on, is change. I’ve watched children die before their lives even got started. I’ve seen the most tragic and horrible things that one person is capable of doing to another. I’ve seen death in far too many variations, but the moments that torture my soul every time I close my eyes are the people I’ve been with at their moment of death who weren’t ready. The hands I’ve held while they gasped their last breath wanting, begging, crying for the things they had yet to do, the things they meant to say, the person they meant to be…they were desperate for one more day, just one more moment…

My purpose in this life is to facilitate, inspire, support, and promote an environment for people to realize their very best life…Realize their dreams, ambitions, successes, and truest life meaning and joy.

Realize [ree-uh-lahyz] verb

to grasp or understand clearly;
to make real, accomplish;
to bring vividly to the mind and REALITY

My mission is that (whether expected or unexpected) people will come to the last moment of their life, take their last breath and feel peace…knowing that they lived their very best life… they lived the life they were meant to live.

Everyone will die, but it is my goal, that they will also truly live. Your Life is happening right now …

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