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     ShakabukuNow Coaching, Workshops, and Classes are an opportunity to choose the life you were meant to live. Through a neuroscience-based positive psychology approach, we help you create a lasting structure for success utilizing solid tools to build the life that is right for you. We educate, empower, and support you in discovering your truth and your path.  We will help you discover and build on your strengths, move forward through both personal and professional obstacles, overcome challenges, build and rediscover relationships, look at and resolve limiting mindsets that prevent you from embracing your truest path, and prevent you from creating your greatest successes. It is time you embody who you are truly meant to be.

     Your life is your fault. It is up to you to make it what you truly want it to be. Now is the right time.  

We can help.

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  • ShakabukuNow–Living your very best life

This Unfinished Life

A Journey In

  • 3-weeks
  • 3-countries
  • 3-Transformations
  • 1-Reason to say Yes

Shaka Bucketlist

Following the Curious You

Part of the ShakabuketList Series

  • 10-Days exploring Curiosity , Creativity, the Loud Critic, and the Quiet truth. Discovering the very best version of you.
  • Choosing Love–Baby steps to a lasting relationship.
  • Making Lasting Change–Resolutions for Commitment-Phobes
  • It’s Not Hard, It’s Habit–Creating the Life You Love

   The thing about being an emergency trauma nurse is that you see a lot of life and you see a lot of death. I’ve held the hand of many dying and the family who loved them. Going through my own experiences and watching that kind of pain in others moved me to research what it truly means to Live…to actively shape the life you were meant to live.  

It’s my life work to help others realize and live their very best life…

…starting now.