The Author

”My purpose in this life is to facilitate, inspire, support, and promote an environment for people to realize their very best life…Realize their dreams, ambitions, value, joy and truest life meaning.” -T.L.Bragg

REALIZE (REE-UH-LAHYZ) VERB:To grasp or understand clearly; to make real, accomplish; to bring vividly to the mind & REALITY.

Tawnya Bragg is an award-winning American author and registered nurse. She grew up in the mountains of Colorado and later moved to the coast of California. Always drawn to service, she specialized in emergency room, trauma, and critical care nursing environments over the years while she was completing her memoir, No Angels Here-my time in captivity. Tawnya enjoys dominating her friends at beach volleyball and even dabbled in golf & tennis once, but was so terrible at it that her friends tried to re-direct her energies into things more appropriate to her skill level–like finger painting and play-doh. Always up for an adventure and new experiences, she wants to see the world and connect with everyone in it.  A lifelong learner, seeker of new perspectives, and believer in all things amazing and magical (as long as they are research-based); Tawnya spends her time finding excuses to do her happy dance in public, hug strangers, walk around barefoot, and stare into the ocean contemplating how to make the world a better place…(or how to develop a calorie-free chocolate chip cookie which would, obviously, make the world a better place.)

Tawnya’s greatest joys are found in family, friends, connection, creative exploration, travel, and writing. She lives with her fabulously wonderful and supportive husband and her amazing daughter in beautiful Santa Barbara while she works on her next manuscript.

”It is my dream that one day all people will come to their very last moment in this life with a sense of great peace, knowing that they lived the life that they were meant to; that they experienced each moment to the fullest and without regret.” -T.L.Bragg

Be Brave and Oh the places you’ll go...