Why Me?

They say that there are no accidents. Life is this amazing, infinitely organized tapestry and every person and experience is an important thread in the bigger picture.  They say that, but sometimes you have to wonder when you work in an environment where every day you see things that don’t seem to make logical sense. When a mechanical error sends a man falling hundreds of feet from the sky and he walks away, while another trips while walking, snaps his neck and will never walk again. Some things just seem like random accidents or unfair circumstance. I held the hand of a woman while she buried her face sobbing, “why? why? why?” Her knuckles clutched and white, her face as pale and lifeless as her child, already cold, only a few feet away.

Why? seems a reasonable question.  The temptation is to keep asking why until there is an answer…an answer that makes sense…that somehow makes whatever happened better in some small way.

The problem is that it never does.

What is true is, at some point in the journey, we don’t necessarily understand this super-secret plan that the world has for us.  We grasp at ‘why?’ desperate to bring some balance, some order to the chaos that has swirled around us.  The problem with ‘why’ is, it never stops and it never makes us feel better.  It is also absolutely and completely inconsequential to this moment and moving forward in your life. ‘Why’ is a beast that feeds on our energy, positivity, productivity, and hope and leaves in it’s wake disillusionment, pain, exhaustion, frustration, and anger. ‘Why’ is never satiated, ever hungry, and ever present in the whispers of our mind.

Have you ever thought to ask, “Why does the reason why even matter?”

It doesn’t matter.

‘There are no accidents’ is just another way to say it. It’s just another way to say, you may never know or understand ‘why’ and you don’t need to. It’s done, today is here. Now. This moment is happening now. There is a way to take back the now. To be in this moment in our lives and choose. We can replace the ‘why’. We can ask a different question. Why can be replace with…‘what’ or ‘how’ or ‘where’.  Why did this happen? Becomes…What can I do now? How can this be better? Where do I want to go from here?  Every ‘why’ can be silenced. The moment we become aware of it, we can change it. When we stop looking back for answers, we change the momentum of life.

Be present and look forward. You will see this journey is just beginning.

Repeat after me…”What can I do right now, this moment, to bring me a step closer to living the life I imagine?”

Just keep saying it, the answers will come.

Wait for it…      wait for it…

Now, go!

Live the Life You Imagine.