Every time I come up with the coolest most amazing new idea, it only takes one little google search to realize it’s not anywhere close to novel. Some people argue that there really are no truly unique ideas left. Just like any other musician sampling a previous hit or another motion picture remake, we go though our lives just regurgitating that which we have read or heard somewhere before.

On some level maybe that’s true, but why do you have to say that like it’s a bad thing? I think there are a lot of great things that come from the world we have created of reincarnated concepts and reused ideas, and if we could all stop judging for a minute…we might just re-learn something useful.

It is important to realize that someone obviously liked the idea enough the first time that they felt it worthy of taking in that big breath, expanding those over used elastic lungs, and rattling that voice box enough that those recycled thoughts just came spewing out onto all of us that are close enough to hear, or willing to absorb the spray.

For someone to be excited enough to put in all that effort (or in some cases, any effort at all, considering the popularity and motivation level of the healthy teen to 20’s ‘I got my medical marijuana card’ crowd)…that maybe, just maybe, there is something there. Regardless of the message or the mode in which the vision is being expressed, there is something unique in the mundane and repeated. There is something very real in the passion a person finds in an idea or concept enough to hold onto it and perpetuate it.

To go a step further, if you look at your own life  you can also find a connection and a powerful nuance to what was otherwise just another Monday. EVERY situation, every repeated conversation, every recycled event or idea, every single average day of your life…there is some way to tilt your head just so and see it in a whole new and insightful way. If you listen not harder, but different…if look not directly, but askew…you may just find a part of yourself that has been lulled to sleep by the monotony that is sometimes our lives. Instead of a tempting melancholy or boredom…try that same moment, with a new perspective. Recycle-Review-Refocus your moments…Re-Post! Re-Tweet your life!