The greatly anticipated release of “No Angels Here”

–the striking debut memoir from author T.L.Bragg–

coming soon!

“I was raped, beaten, idolized, demonized, and thrown out of a moving car. I touched a dead body, wrote a song with a murderer, and ran down the middle of the street butt-naked screaming, “I’m not crazy”—all before my 19th birthday.

I place the blame squarely on a Fourth Grade English teacher who said that not every life is worth recording, that most of it is mundane bullshit and you’d better have a pretty interesting life to be page-worthy.

I hadn’t thought of him…well, ever, since then, but as I licked at the rough salty blood dried to my bottom lip, pregnant, and locked in a closet…I had to confess, that I always have been a bit of an over-achiever.”

The memoir, No Angels Here is the eyes wide shut true story of a teenage girl running full speed into a locked closet. 18-year-old Tawnya, intrigued by danger and drunk with self-importance, went from being an office employee to being held captive by a murderer without anyone in her life even realizing she was gone.

We follow her passage from an average upbringing to a world of mystery and violence as she embraces the belief that she is the angel he believes her to be and confident she would save the man from the monster. This story takes us though the journey to reconcile the devil and divinity that coexists within each of us. Only through her search for meaning; accepting the illusions of control, and the dark walk though her own personal shadows does she ever have a chance at attaining her own freedom.